5 special things to see or do in Mumbai

I’d hate to sound pretentious and act like I’m the big expert on India after only spending a week in that enormous, magnificent country. I also have to confess my recent trip to India was organized by YourWay2GO, that offers tailored advice and inspiration for trips to India. I recommend checking them out when you’re thinking of visiting India. And yes, probably every trip starts off more magical when you’re enjoying the spoils of Premier Class on Jet Airways, like I did!

Blogger AATW India JetairwaysBlogger AATW India tips Jetairways yourway2go

Blogger AATW India tips Jetairways yourway2go
So after all those disclaimers, here are 5 things to see, visit or do in Mumbai that I found truly special. Once you have decided to go to India, please read this post about how to prepare for your India trip first – and then check out these amazing places once you get to Mumbai:

1. Visit Dhobi Ghat //
Dhobi Ghat is the world’s largest open air laundry. The Dhobi Ghat washes the clothes from Mumbai’s hotels and hospitals, still in the traditional hand wash style.  I thought it was a fascinating, unusual sight for Westerners with all the rows of colorful laundry flapping gently in the wind.

Blogger AATW India Jetairways Blogger AATW India Jetairways

Blogger AATW India Jetairways

2. Have a high tea at Taj Mahal Palace hotel //
Or, hello life goal, plan an overnight stay at this iconic hotel if you have enough money to spend 🙂 The Taj Mahal Palace is Mumbai’s or perhaps even India’s most iconic and most famous hotel, hosting the hip, hot and happening folks of the world. This place is truly exceptional, has an amazing pool and every corner is picture-perfect and oh so Instagram worthy! Although we had a tight schedule and didn’t have time to try the high tea, we did have a glimpse at it and it looked amazing!

Blogger AATW India Jetairways

Blogger AATW India Jetairways Blogger AATW India Jetairways

3. Go to Crawford market //
Crawford Market is South Mumbai’s most famous and crowded market where you can literally get anything from many different spices, beautiful fresh fruits and vegetables to cosmetics and even pets. Although seeing animals in cages was hard for me, Crawford market is a must see for the authentic Indian market experience.

Blogger AATW India JetairwaysBlogger AATW India Jetairways Blogger AATW India JetairwaysBlogger AATW India Jetairwaysblogger-aatw-india-jetairways28
4. Visit Ghandi’s home //
Tucked away in a serene little lane in Mumbai you’ll find Mani Bhavan, the quaint home of Mahatma Gandhi’s friend and host. This is the place where Gandhi spent time between 1917 and 1934, which has been converted into a museum. It offers a fascinating perspective into Gandhi’s life and gives a glimpse on his enormous impact on the world, with his vision of peaceful resistance. I was especially impressed with the room where Gandhi stayed (on the second floor), which is sober, as you may expect – but with the mosaic tiles I actually found it quite stylish as well.

Blogger AATW India Jetairways
5. Try as much food as you can //
A few highlights: I can highly recommend The Bombay Canteen for lunch. We asked the waiter to bring us all the highlights on the menu to share and it was delicious. Serving Indian style food with a modern twist, perfectly flavored for our European tastebuds.

Blogger AATW India JetairwaysBlogger AATW India JetairwaysBlogger AATW India Jetairways
For dinner we went to a restaurant called The Table. It’s a perfect fix for your European cravings in a chic dining experience. Don’t forget to try the zucchini spaghetti, tuna tataki and of course my perennial favorite, the truffle fries!

Blogger AATW India Jetairways
My next article will have 5 tips for the southern region in India, Kerala!

X Merel

46 thoughts on “5 special things to see or do in Mumbai

  1. Oh how I wish I could go back to Mumbai, its such a great city, bursting with colour and culture! Have a lovely weekend 🙂



  2. I love the intricate design in all the interiors – the Taj Mahal is breathtaking! It’s so amazing to see how different each of those places were, even all in the same country. Looks like such a gorgeous trip – I love your photography!

    Lindsey Elyse | lindseyginge

    Liked by 1 person

  3. Glad that you loved your stay in India.Hope you will come back soon.There are a lot of places to see in India.An honestly,I never though you would go to the Dhobi Ghat,I haven’t been there myself.



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