Let me look you in the ear

Earrings; I have a love-hate relationship with them. I had my ears pierced when I was 14, but suffered from infected ear lobes for years. So I stopped wearing them completely. Lately though, I have developed an intense ear piercing obsession, assembling Pinterest moodboards with all kinds of ‘earspiration’ pictures. So when I was in Los Angeles earlier this year I decided to visit piercing guru Brian Keith Thompson at Body Electric Tattoo.

I was surprised by his beautiful collection of delicate studs and chic rose golden piercings, all in combination with surgical steel. It made me want to get a full earparty going in both ears! But I managed to get a hold of myself and decided to start with only a second one in my right ear lobe and an auricle piercing. I fell for two small rose golden ear hoops, an rectangle golden and a flower-ish piercing from Body Vision Los Angeles. Do you like them?

Earspiration Piercing gold BVLAEarspiration Piercing gold BVLA

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