A dressier, yet affordable version of the espadrille

H&M pink sequin espadrilles

I love shoes, all kinds of shoes. I just can’t have too many but lately I find myself more often wearing comfy casual shoes rather then fancy high heels.

Luckily espadrilles are the signature shoes this year, even the massive designers have jumped in on this trend. This canvas shoe with rope sewn into the soles is light and fun and gives you a relaxed and laid back look.

There are no better shoes for summer then espadrilles. But since summer is over and the weather is getting a bit colder in Europe I resisted the expensive Chanel espadrilles and decided to look for a cheaper alternative. At H&M I found these cute espadrilles with sequins, that give these shoes a bit of a chic factor.

What’s your favorite espadrille?

H&M pink sequin espadrilles H&M pink sequin espadrilles H&M pink sequin espadrilles

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