The Instagram spotlight: Natasha Oakley

I started this blog only a few months ago, at that time beside my job at a jewelry brand. It started as a creative outlet for my passion but I got completely surprised by how quickly my blog and Instagram account grew. And I’m so super happy with that, thank you guys! ☺

Since more and more readers are frequently visiting my blog I wanted to get a bit more structure into my blogging schedule, so you guys know what to expect. I plan to post at least every Monday, Wednesday and Friday. I may occasionally post more often, but I will post regularly on those days. And if you can’t get enough, then you can find me daily on Instagram.

Instagram has become my favorite medium for finding inspiration and new ideas, even when on the go or when I only have a few minutes. When I first started using Instagram, I had a hard time finding the most inspiring people to follow. At first I followed a lot of people, but that turned out to clog my timeline with not so many great pictures and made me become more selective. I think that you may have had the same experience, so I hope that you will enjoy a new series on my blog where I highlight one of my favorite Instagram users every week. It’s called ‘the Instagram spotlight’ and today is the first episode, featuring @tashoakley.

Tash Oakley blogger highlight

All year round @tashoakley travels to oceanside exotic locations with her handsome French boyfriend, Martin Medus, by her side. Natasha Oakley is a 23-year old Sydney-born model that lives life parading in a bikini. She and friend Devin Brugman founded the hit blog A Bikini A Day in 2012, turning their great love for bikinis and wanderlust into a big career. Natashas personal account @tashoakley counts 750K+ loyal Instagram followers. This stunning girl is a guarantee for wonderful sunny content, especially a great addition in your timeline in wintertime.Tash Oakley blogger highlightTash Oakley blogger highlight Tash Oakley blogger highlight Tash Oakley blogger highlightTash Oakley blogger highlight Tash Oakley blogger highlight

3 thoughts on “The Instagram spotlight: Natasha Oakley

  1. Congrats on your success! I always look forward to your posts and your pictures are handled with such care. Wishing you much continued success 🙂


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