This jumpsuit, or the January rent?

During the holiday season I like to bend the rules a little bit here and there. I truly believe that you can doll up without having to wear a typical dress or skirt. There are lots of beautiful suits that can create a festive look as well. If I would disregard any budget or the January rent, I would totally go for an R13‘s lightweight leather jumpsuit. It has a rock and roll twist to it, but can also be worn very chic.

Christmas look R13 laurie fleming acne givenchyI think this piece is great for different occasions. Festive, when combining it with a Givenchy sheer black lace top and a pair of Acne heels and topped off with my earrings from Laurie Fleming. Or, when holiday seasons is over, the jumpsuit is great combined with a pair of sneakers and a sweater.

I love the look, the pricetag not so much… So I will go and search for a more affordable alternative to wear during the holidays.

Do you guys have any suggestions?

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