My way of travelling light-ish

As I was packing for my return trip to Amsterdam, after a long trip to Orlando, Austin, Miami and Key West, I got the idea of doing a post on a ‘best-case’ scenario for what I carry with me in my bag when I travel. I can be a bit chaotic, especially when travelling and knowing everything will be x-rayed at the airport. As oversized totes can stress me out even more, I always try to travel with a small handbag. Smaller bags keep me organized and force me to only carry the most important things, eliminating the stuff I may otherwise drag around for those ‘just in case’ moments.

Rabeanco bag travel essentials

I recently got this stylish Rabeanco bag and couldn’t happier with it! It has several inside pockets, sleeves and zippered closures to keep all of me items organised and which for me makes it perfect to travel with. So, no more deep digging expeditions to find my passport at security!

Rabeanco bag travel essentials12Rabeanco bag travel essentialsRabeanco bag travel essentials11Rabeanco bag travel essentials

When it comes to packing for a trip, I like to have all the essentials in my carry-on bag. Although these essentials can vary slightly from time to time, depending on the distance of the flight, there are a few things that never change:

To start off: anything that goes in my bag, comes in pocket or sample sizes.

iPad & magazine and book – I always love to read a book or some magazines (especially when I have no wifi, haha). But as they can take up a lot of space I always also bring an iPad mini with me anytime I travel. I download some books and several magazines I can read during my flight.

Rabeanco bag travel essentials

Earphones, iPhone & charger – Just can’t function without it! Oooh, one crucial tip: check if the country you are travelling to has the same plugs as you have back home: if not, make sure to bring a plug adapter (as I did for this trip for the US) so you can actually charge it in case your phone or iPad begins to die.Rabeanco bag travel essentials


Beauty essentials – I also carry some basic beauty needs as Bodyshop hand sanitizer, small brush, mini H&M lint roller and rosebud lip balm.

Rabeanco bag travel essentials

Money, credit cards & passport – Speaking of bringing everything in smaller sizes: I always ditch my bulky wallet when I travel because it just makes a significant difference in the weight of my bag. I replace it for a simple zippered pocket to secure my cash, credit cards and medical cards.

Rabeanco bag travel essentials

Sony DSC-QX10 – Wherever I go, I always bring a camera. The QX10 is a remarkably compact lens and it is very easy to use since it connects to my phone through wifi, so all the photos I take are immediately ready for Instagram. (Check here my full review)

Rabeanco bag travel essentials

Ok, now I look like a light traveller but I have to admit: I do always bring one Samsonite carry-on spinner, which I stow in the overhead bin during the flight. It carries my laptop, its charger, a small travel pillow and one set of clothes in case my checked bag gets lost.

I hope you had fun peeping into my travel bag!
What are your tips for traveling?

x Merel

2 thoughts on “My way of travelling light-ish

  1. In love with the bag! Where did u get it? I’m looking for it all around the internet but can’t find it anywhere.. 😦


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