Hair snobbing with Macadamia

Some people may think that I’m a hair snob, but trust me: I intentionally spend the least amount of time on my hair nowadays. Ok, I used to wash my hair every day (resulting in dry and knotty ends and excessively oily roots) but since a few months I try to go longer between shampooing. I was so tired of my bathroom morning ritual: washing, blow drying & styling it every single day. Then I decided to make a change by washing it less and using better quality products.

Macadamia Haircare Fashion blogger review13
It took a little time – and quite some dry-shampoo – for my scalp to re-adjust to this new method of waiting a few days between shampooing. But now it has balanced out and I can go a good 5 days without shampoo. I won’t go into depth on that process in this blogpost, but if you are interested I could do another blogpost with more tips & tricks on how to achieve healthy and great smelling hair without over-shampooing it.

I receive a lot of beauty products and since it’s a never-ending cycle of new products, I still switch up my shampoo and conditioner on a regular basis to test different brands. But I try to stay away from most products sold in drugstores. In the long run, I’ve been more pleased with the items of quality brands, compared to products I bought at drugstores.

Macadamia Haircare Fashion blogger review
One of these quality brands I tried out the past two months and absolutely loved is Macadamia. I tried on their Rejuvenating Shampoo, Deep Repair Masque and Healing oil treatment. I found the combination of these three products ideal for my dry, slightly damaged roots and color-treated hair. You know it: there are no real blondes….

As the brandname says: there are macadamia’s involved! But also lots of other great natural ingredients such as argan seeds. Sometimes it is even better to check what’s not inside! And luckily the Macadamia line happens to be alcohol, sulfate and paraben free! All the Macadamia products have a delicate yet fresh fragrance that lingers around for an hour after washing my hair.

Macadamia Haircare Fashion blogger review
The Macadamia Rejuvenating Shampoo cleans very well and does not weigh down my hair. I wash my hair twice to make sure my hair and scalp is thoroughly cleansed; I got this tip from Nicole Brown of the Tailored Salon and it is the best! The first time is to cleanse built up products. And the second time is to cleanse my scalp, by gently massage shampoo primarily into the top section of my hair. And another tip: spend twice as long rinsing as lathering, to make sure there is nothing left!

Macadamia Haircare Fashion blogger reviewMacadamia Haircare Fashion blogger reviewMacadamia Haircare Fashion blogger review
The Macadamia Deep Repair Masque has a smooth, thick creamy consistency that really tamed my dry and frizzy roots. I apply it from the mid shaft to my ends and make sure to work it through evenly before I let it sit for 7 minutes. I love all these Macadamia products but the Deep Repair Masque is my favorite. This stuff is awesome, I’m hooked. My hair feels silky smooth like never before! I’m definitely going to repurchase this one.  
 Macadamia Haircare Fashion blogger review
Macadamia Haircare Fashion blogger reviewMacadamia Haircare Fashion blogger reviewMacadamia Haircare Fashion blogger review
The Macadamia healing oil treatment is great for achieving a smooth finish and it really cuts down my frizziness. I glide a pump or two of this product on my damp roots just before blowdrying. And when needed a tiny bit after blowdrying it.

Macadamia Haircare Fashion blogger review

Macadamia Haircare Fashion blogger reviewMacadamia Haircare Fashion blogger review

Macadamia Rejuvenating Shampoo // $21.00
Macadamia Deep Repair Masque // $36.00
Macadamia Healing Oil Treatment // $39.95

The products are not cheap, so I guess you can still call me a hairsnob?
Disclaimer: just to be clear, this is my unbiased review. I have not been paid for this review, but I did received the Macadamia products.

3 thoughts on “Hair snobbing with Macadamia

  1. I’m always on the look-out for better shampoo + conditioner. I will definitely give this a try so thank you for sharing. (: About how long do you think these products last? Given it doesn’t come cheap, lol. Have you tried DRYBAR’s products? How do you think they compare?


    1. Hi Michelle, It depends a bit on the length and thickness of your hair. But I already use the products for 2 months, washing my hair once every five days and is could squize out another two I guess. I haven’t tried Drybar’s shampoo and conditioner yet. But I’m the biggest fan of their dryshampoo. In my opinion that one is the best one on the market! Have a nice day! X


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