GYLD spoils and pampers you at home!

Fashion blogger Gyld hairdresser at home

Gyld is a new Dutch beauty platform that has just launched, with the premise that it’s a matchmaking service for professional hairdressers, hairstylists and makeup artists. It exists in the so-called “Uber for X” category which involves on-demand services that you can order spontaneously at the push of a button.

So think of Gyld as an Uber for hairstylists, that comes to your house or any other location you prefer – perhaps in an Uber. You can check out their portfolio online and select the stylist that matches your preferences. The hairdressers perform chaircuts, blowouts, updos and all the other good stuff that you can’t do yourself.

Fashion blogger Gyld hairdresser at home
4 Fashion blogger Gyld hairdresser at homekopie

I felt so spoiled when the Gyld team came to my former house a few months ago to let me experience their services. Hairstylist Niki quickly unloaded her supplies on my wooden table and heated the curling iron she had brought with her, while we discussed my preferences. I showed her some pictures of hairstyles I liked on my laptop and then we were off. I moved into one of my chairs and Niki began to give me a haircut, followed by a styling session, making my hair look way better than I could ever made it look myself. All in all, I was given somewhat of a mini makeover that took about an hour.

Fashion blogger Gyld hairdresser at home
1 Fashion blogger Gyld hairdresser at home kopie
Fashion blogger Gyld hairdresser at home

I was delighted with the results that made me feel like a movie star. I love the idea that you can get professional hair services at the push of a button; this could be a dream come true for many women, especially women that are busy at work and don’t have the time to spend hours to go to a salon. I can also imagine that Gyld is perfect for a bachelorette, a sweet sixteen, a typical girls’ night out, or to get red carpet ready with next to no effort. A blow-out takes about 45 minutes, which is extremely time efficient when compared to a regular salon visit.

Fashion blogger Gyld hairdresser at homeFashion blogger Gyld hairdresser at home
So far, Gyld has validated its model by raising over $110,000 in crowdfunding to get started. Every Friday they have sessions at the Amsterdam location of WeWork, giving the members there the opportunity to experience the service during office hours.So all you Dutch based stylists that want to sign up with Gyld and for anyone that would like to give Gyld a try, make sure to check out!PHOTO’S // by Baber Raja
TOP // by Furansu

34 thoughts on “GYLD spoils and pampers you at home!

  1. Hi Merel!
    That is one of my biggest dream! Having all services at home 🙂 Your curls look beautiful :-* I love to curl my hair and you look like an angel!


  2. First off, you look gorgeous Merel! I think this service sounds pretty cool; mainly because these stylist come to you! Talk about super convenient and I’m sure you must have felt like a celebrity; you look like one 😉 Thanks so much for sharing your experience with us, beautiful, and I hope you have a wonderful day and weekend ahead!




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