10 reasons why I love Tokyo

I may have overused the phrase ‘this place was on my bucket list’ lately, but when it comes to Tokyo it is actually an understatement. I have wanted to go to Tokyo for a long, long time and when I finally did a few weeks ago, it did not disappoint! Tokyo is one of the most fantastic places I have ever visited. Every neighbourhood is different and has its own distinctive character and charm. There are surprises around every street corner. I could name at least 50 reasons why I love Tokyo, so let me pick the top 10:

Fashion blogger 10 reasons to love tokyo  

  1. Fashion heaven: scroll through the many high quality vintage stores and run into Harajuku girls with their amazing outfits.
  2. High-tech toilets: their control panel looks like a smartphone but they control heated seats, blow hot air and stream warm water, not necessarily in that order.
  3. Unlimited quirkiness: from robot restaurants to the cuddliest cafés where you can have tea while petting a cat or owl of your choice.
  4. Dog walking heaven: not only are there designated, fenced off dog walking areas in Tokyo, they are categorized based on your dog’s weight so the pooches can find playmates in their own weight class!
  5. Magical convenience stores: these so called Konbini stock everything you really need, 24 hours a day, from freshly made foods to useful services like reserving travel tickets or paying utility bills.
  6. Shibuya crossing: known as the the busiest intersection in the world where almost 1000 cross without running into each other, looks like an enormous, fully orchestrated ballet every minute. And it’s home to the Hachiko statue to commemorate a dog’s never ending loyalty!
  7. The people: courteous to a fault, friendly, respectful, the reason why a thousand people can cross an intersection without so much as a touch.
  8. Yes, sushi: but there is so much more, from cheap ramen and yakitori to exquisite teppanyaki, Japan probably has the most diverse food culture in the world.
  9. Cleanliness: this has to be the cleanest capital in the world and it is surely the safest, amazing never having to worry about your safety in a city of millions.
  10. Vending-machine culture: there are more vending machines in Tokyo than in any other city in the world, offering anything from soda’s to ramen and from underwear to umbrellas.

Fashion blogger 10 reasons to love tokyo
We took these pictures while wandering around Tokyo. The temperature was fluctuating quite a bit, so I opted for layering pieces. The green coat by Iam Studio is timeless and very wearable throughout the year, easy to dress up with a pretty dress and high heels or down, like I did, combining it with a pair of high waist H&M jeans and a cosy jumper by Storm and Marie. I paired it with my Kapten & Son watch, Smaak Amsterdam bag and my most comfortable Nike sneakers. They’re almost as comfortable as a pair of slippers and I can walk on them for days. Which I actually did in Tokyo, even hitting the 10 mile mark on one day! 

Fashion blogger 10 reasons to love tokyo Fashion blogger 10 reasons to love tokyo
Fashion blogger 10 reasons to love tokyoFashion blogger 10 reasons to love tokyo Fashion blogger 10 reasons to love tokyoFashion blogger 10 reasons to love tokyoFashion blogger 10 reasons to love tokyo
All my  pictures are made with:
Canon 750D + Lens: 16 – 35mm F2.8 & 50 mm F1.8

72 thoughts on “10 reasons why I love Tokyo

  1. I’m thinking of going to Tokyo this coming summer so I’m glad I came across this post! The fashion and Shibuya are definitely two things I want to see 🙂 In love with your coat as well!!

    ♡ Jaime


  2. You look so chic in that wintergreen coat strolling the streets of such a great destination. I hope to visit there on day, i do admire how clean and well thought out every thing is, from convenience stores, to vending machines!
    Great post, I felt like i was there!
    xx, Elle


  3. Ohmygoodness, I want to visit Tokyo too! It’s amazing how no matter what you wear, nobody will bat an eyelashes and you’d fit right in! I also love the different quirky looks they have. I also love the street foods and shopping districts!

    Glad you had a fun visit! Next time you visit Japan, you should consider including Osaka and Kyoto as well.

    – Gretch of GG Memochou


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