My Ms. Soho beauty trip

I’ve been on a Ms. Soho beauty trip for the past couple of weeks, testing out their product range with a three day Collagen Cleanse and their five day Beautitox. I got a lot of response on my Instagram posts and I thought it would be fun to review my results of the Collagen Cleanse.
Ms soho three-day collagen cleanse Ms soho three-day collagen cleanse

The three-day collagen cleanse includes three masks per set, one for each day. The golden masks are made of a funny looking adhesive, a gel-like material that is soaked into a collagen formula.

Ms soho three-day collagen cleanse Ms soho three-day collagen cleanseMs.Soho’s promise on their eye firming masks is: ‘After using this three day cleanse you can stop telling people the bags under your eyes are Chanel.’ Such a great slogan, that made me even more excited to try out this product and the lip plumping masks of this Australian brand. And don’t get me wrong, I’m fairly happy with my own lips, as they are already rather full by itself. So I’m not looking for a massive change or comparable results as dermal fillers that everybody would notice, but just a lovely subtle fullness added to the lips nature gave me.

Ms soho three-day collagen cleanseEvery morning I started my day fresh by applying both the golden lip and eye masks for about 30 minutes, which are actually surprisingly comfortable to wear. I thought it was funny not to inform my boyfriend, so when I first entered the room he kept staring at me like I was some kind of blond alien. But now that the three-day collagen cleanse detox is done, it’s time to review the results! I’ve taken clear, close up pictures of my eyes and lips before, and right after three days of applying the Ms Soho masks.

To start off with my lips, I have super dry lips no matter what season, as you may already know from my earlier post. And if you compare the two pictures you’ll notice that there is not a huge difference in terms of plumping effects, but you can definitely see that my lips are less dry. The best way I can describe the result is that my lips appear moisturized and maybe a tiny bit fuller, but not bigger. Yesterday I’ve finished my final mask and even today my lips still retain the same fullness as in the picture. I noticed that my lips now have a really smooth and soft texture, so my lipstick glides on super easy and looks 10 times better! I think it’s quite lovely and I’m very happy with this subtle enhancement.

Ms soho three-day collagen cleanse

BeforeMs soho three-day collagen cleanseAfter

Now onto my eyes. Luckily I don’t suffer from puffiness or the so called ‘under-eye bags’, but now and then I do have dark circles so I was curious to try these eye firming masks. The skin under my eyes felt extremely soft and fresh after 3 days of applying these golden patches, but truth be told, I can’t really see big differences between the before and after pics when it comes to those dark circles. So not a major success story to report on here! But maybe I can’t really judge this product since I started out without those bags under my eyes. 

Ms soho three-day collagen cleanse

BeforeMs soho three-day collagen cleanse


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